The 7 most frequently asked questions about art purchases

Buying a work of art is a significant step.

The personal, aesthetic and financial aspects play an important role.

You really want to be sure that this one work is right for you.

Painting The BIG One Junior by Marilena Hamm with its new owners Beatrix and Andreas.My painting 'Heaven At Night' with its new owner Jörg.

My happy customers Beatrix, Andreas (picture 1) and Jörg (picture 2).

To make you feel safer in your decision,
I'll answer you today...

The 7 most frequently asked questions about buying art

1. Why buy art at all?

Art has the power to change you and your life.
My art celebrates people who follow their heart and walk their own authentic path, and supports those who want to do the same.
My artwork in your home can remind you every day to go for yourself and your dreams. It can give you strength every day to stay true to yourself and to listen to your heart.
What we repeatedly see, hear, think and feel will affect us and our lives. A work of art that inspires and motivates you daily will change your life in a positive way.

2. How does the first contact work?

You are welcome to contact us at any time via e-mail , telephone or the contact form on my homepage and we will find an appointment as quickly as possible by telephone, zoom or preferably directly on site in the Scribblezone Studio.

During our appointment, I will be happy to provide you with personal advice, without obligation. In a conversation we will find out together what you like, which colors and shapes appeal to you and what wishes and demands you have for your work of art.

Then I see what I can do for you and find ideas and solutions to your wishes.

3. How can I be sure that the work will look good in my home?

If you are still unsure how the work of art might look on your wall, as a bonus service I would be happy to offer you the service to try it out digitally in your home, using Photoshop, without any obligation.


4. Do you also do commissioned work?

I also like to work on commission and implement your ideas in connection with my vision. Feel free to tell me about your wishes and in conversation we will find out what can come of it.
Depending on the scope, I am happy to take 4-6 months for a larger commissioned work (3-6 weeks for scribble work).
We record all the details in a sales contract.

5. How is payment usually processed?

You can pay for your desired work in cash upon delivery, by bank transfer in advance or in some cases by Paypal.
Payment in installments is also possible, which is contractually stipulated.
In the case of commissioned work, a part (approx. 20%) of the total amount is due in advance as a deposit in the purchase contract, the rest must be paid upon handover.

6. Is it possible to pay in installments?

Of course, there is also the option of paying in installments. We determine the scope of the installments together and find a solution that suits your life.

7. How does the handover look like?

Depending on where you are, you have the option of picking up the work directly from the Scribblezone Studio or I can deliver it to you personally.
Shipping is also possible for further distances. The cost and duration of shipping depend on the format of the image.

My gift to you:
With the work of art you will receive a folder with a certificate of authenticity, more information about the work and its history, sketches (if available) or preparatory work and photos of the creation process, so that you feel completely connected to your new work.

In addition, I will give you a suitable holder for attaching your artwork.

More questions?

If you have any other questions, I look forward to hearing from you and answering them.

Otherwise, I hope that I was able to help you with this information about buying art so that you can have a great experience with your next art purchase.

Do not forget:
Every art purchase is an investment in you and your life, because a work of art that inspires and motivates you every day has a positive influence on your mindset and thus on your whole life.

So let art into your life!

From my heart,


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